Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bored housewife starts a blog

Horray!, I just got a computer again. It has been a long six months or so not being able to have the internet. I love it! I have something to entertain myself at night while Luke is watching another boring episode of How its made or worse than that POKER! Just kidding, it must be a guy thing. I love ya Luke. After realizing that one of my favorite things to do is read my sisters blog, and get a shapshot of what her day to day is up in Washington, I wanted to make a blog too. It is the perfect way to keep in touch with all of you siblings of mine scattered all over. Not to mention that it seems none of us has time to chit chat on the phone. I hope that you guys will enjoy checking on what the kids are up to.

1 comment:

Ariel said...

Yea!!! I am so happy you have one now too! I love the pictures of Jax and Lani...where's Miss Sunny???
Love you!